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Frostwyrms ... so sick. - 03-28-2010 3:27 PM - by Veratu

Agony finished up some Frostwyrms recently, and we're going back for more. I'm not big into cosmetics in this game, for the most part I just like to see content and kill new shit.

But I must say, I love the Frostwyrm flying mounts... and I'm glad that they're starting to flow into the team.

25m drakes are next!


Recruitment .. FML! - 03-25-2010 4:37 PM - by Veratu

So I figured I would post an update and let the people who follow us know what's going on.

Basically, Agony took 3 kicks to the balls in about an 11 day period where 7 of our core members have retired, quit WoW due to burn out, moved across the country, went back to college, and various other reasons. No team stays perfect forever, but historically we have always had a very small turn over rate. Well this hit all came in the course of 11 days, and so our progression suffered heavily because of it for the last 3-4 weeks.

We've finally picked up a good amount of solid folks to backfill the spots and we're getting back on track, but we're by no means dead or down for the count.

10 Years this team has been together, through much worse situations .. this was merely a setback. (See what I did there?)

We'll be knocking down the next set of Heroics over the next week or so and we'll be right back into the swing of things.

Stay tuned...


Lich King 25 Dead.. on to Heroics - 02-22-2010 1:45 PM - by Veratu

I'm a bit disappointed with how long it took the Agony team to put this bastard down, but with the Superbowl and Valentines Day both falling on our normal raid days, that hurt the frequency of us having a consistent team to learn and handle all the mechanics.

But I digress.. he's dead, and now we can work on Heroics in the coming weeks.

A video of our kill (edited for time) is available on YouTube, and via direct download here.


or Direct



Slacking on the updates, and we need a Warlock! - 02-10-2010 2:05 PM - by Veratu

I know we've been slacking on the updates, but a brief summary is... everything dies when it comes out, yes it's exciting I know but ... whatever, until we do Heroics who really cares?

I will say though that releasing The Lich King on Superbowl week was a huge kick in the balls for a raiding guild who happens to have a lot of sports fans in it ... it really screwed up our progression this week, but whatever we'll bounce back and plow Arthas down this week.

We did find time to kill Valth and Sindragosa though ... oh yah and naturally we killed Blood Queen when she was released too ... yah?

On a side note, we're looking for a Warlock who doesn't suck ... so if you are one, or know one .. send them our way!